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Year Overview

Below is a small collection of work that I have completed this year. It includes a range of designs from Illustrations, Webdesign, editorial pieces and general graphical elements. This year I have focused not only on developing the skill necessary for my career path but I have also experimented in new forms and mediums. One example would be my Illustration style that I developed for the exhibition. My network has also grown over the past year, not only with my colleges at University but also professionally.

The third year of University has given me the time to fully understand what I want to do with my career and how exactly to go about achieving it. All the while I have experimented in different styles to find out what I truly enjoy. This year Web-Design was a strong aspect of design that caught my interest, making something that is so interactive appeals a lot to me.

I have also refined my idea of how branding functions this year, this is reflected in the web design I went over for my work placement. The brand already existed so I went over the brand guideline and managed to develop the theme and colour palette for online assets.

Another example would be my photo-editing example, this photo was taken off adobe stock, however I refined and practised different photo editing techniques on it. The image turned out pretty well and is a strong graphical asset that could be used for a range of pieces such as an editorial piece.

I think in the current job climate, you have a better chance of being functional in different software and styles. It is good to have refined skill in one area, but if you can properly mimic, develop or create different styles and professions, it will make you a valued designer. This is one reason a lot of my career aspirations are varied with design consultant, Illustrator and web designer.

This year has definitely been a stepping stone in developing as a graphics designer, to the point where I know my value and how to effectively charge a client based on the work I produce. I am excited to get into industry and test new designs and ideas in conveying a message to clients/audiences.

Spawn Illustration

Spaceman Illustration

Web design

Portfolio cover

Photo-editing experiment

Degree Illustration

Portal Photo

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