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University of Chester Degree Show

Below is the statement I have submitted for the upcoming degree show, opening on the 13th of June. We were told to submit an image, a thumbprint (to fit the brand) and a brief statement about ourselves and our work.

"I’m a confident Graphic Designer that is constantly looking to broaden my

knowledge and new experiences to develop the best outcome for my projects. I

primarily work with branding, editorial, illustration, web design, screen printing and

animation. I operate from the Isle of Man, and assist in marketing mediums for

different businesses.

The work I am presenting is more of a personal project based of the popular

tabletop game Dungeons and Dragons. I created an interactive story that guides

the audience through the exhibition while offering them choices, accompanying the

story is a series of Illustrations relative to the narrative. The Illustrations are done

in a unique and personal style that I have refined in the last months of University. I

am eager to get into the creative industry and develop my professional attitude in

working with clients and handling projects."

The content I've submitted along with other students will be compiled into a degree show booklet that will be given out and presented. Hopefully this will give us students enough exposure and possibly give us a few job offers.

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