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Red Dead Redemption 2

The highly anticipated game Red Dead Redemption 2 is a action packed role playing game (RPG) that is set in the wild west. It is a prequel to Red Dead Redemption and follows the character Arthur Morgan, along with his band of Outlaws. Featuring outdated ideals and a battle again the rise in capitalism, with corrupt regimes and the loss of long-held beliefs.

The game sets a new high level of standards in the gaming industry. Apart from winning awards such as BAFTA's that include best game, best narrative, best performer and best audio soundtrack. The game goes on to winning multiple game of the year prizes.

RDR2 generates an array non playable character (NPC) within the game and I’ll bet you Clint Eastwood’s would spend every last dollar on this game if he could. The extraordinary open-world is huge and deep. An intense action packed adventure so stuffed full of immersive moments. When those end credits roll ,the weeks of captivating, criminal play produces enough incredible memories to fill ten lesser games.

The game also includes not only people but a vast array of wildlife including, deer, wolves, bears, ducks, pigs, raccoons and so much more. The game is already been redeemed as a classic that is a perfect combination of brilliant screen writing, a bold plot and a story so well told that it will leave you shedding a tear by the end. If there was ever a game that you will buy this year, it has to be this Enthralling wild western quest.

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