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Mass Effect Trilogy Review

The Mass Effect Trilogy is a action Role playing game (RPG) set in the year 2093 where humanities technology is jumped forward 200 years after the discovery of alien technology on mars. The game follows your character Command Shepard, a soldier that is selected for a promotion to represent humanity as a spectre. A agent that answers to the alien council which represents all the alien species humanity discovers.

The story leads through three games with choices in each game reflecting the outcome of the next, giving your choices consequences that can haunt or delight you. Each Game in the series bring something to the table with colourful and interesting characters to an enthralling well written story with multiple outcomes.

This trilogy marks an important stepping stone in gaming and is often the game that everyone compares RPG's too. The odd thing is that it is not a stepping stone in graphics but more about the game play and functionality of how future RPG's can be set out.

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