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Altered Carbon: Has Blade Runner fathered a child

The new highly budgeted Netflix series that has won fans with its dystopian future which bares close similarity to Ridely Scotts Blade Runner

What is Altered Carbon

Originally based on the 2002 Richard k. Morgan novel, Altered Carbon is based in a dystopian Blade Runner-esque future where human consciousness can be uploaded to memory sticks known as "Stacks". Stacks can be removed and transferred to a different body or a "Sleeve" to potentially allow immortality, however this has led to the supper wealthy claiming a monopoly on selling "Sleeves". This works in favour of the supper wealthy as they can theoretically live forever and continue to accumulate more wealth. The story follows Takeshi Kovacs (Joel Kinnaman) on reawakening from his previous sleeve and being hired as a detective to find a murderer (sort of). There is a intriguing backstory to the characters as well as the philosophical side of immortality and switching bodies. The first episode throws alot of hardcore sci-fi concepts in your face to the point where you might need a take a break for a few minutes, (However it does build up a strong foundation for the series)

Blade Runner's Kin

Winning an award for "Outstanding Sound" and being nominated for "Outstanding Visual Effects", Altered Carbon is packed full of amazing cyberpunk themed tech that take some of the themes of Blade Runner to the next level while stilling living in its shadow. The aesthetics of the show is consistent and strong with towering set pieces, costume design and enthralling visual effects that would put a lot of films to shame. If you enjoy gritty themes, and movies which have a moral complexity such as Blade Runner. Then this series is for you.

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