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Wanna play Dungeons and Dragons?

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

The classical role playing game is back with a rather huge spike in popularity. Whether it is down to fate or because of media influence it's back and its here to stay. The publishers of the game Wizards of the Coast, have reported 2016 and 2017 were Dungeons & Dragons' most profitable years since 1974.

I initially became interested in the game after watching the 80's animated TV show Dungeons and Dragons. There is a unexplained form of excitement as a kid when you find out that one of your favourite TV shows is actually a board game. That was a couple of years ago however to this day the game has retained in freshness and play-ability. This is probably due to the strong mix of storytelling and camaraderie that has have me bonded with close friends further than I have expected.

What Is Dungeons and Dragons?

At the foundations of the game all it is, is a story. You and your friends go on a collective adventure while one of you narrates and prepares the hopefully exciting story. The rest of the players then take control of characters within the story to decide what happens next.

The story itself can be just about anything, and that is the point. The continuation of changing stories and characters keep the game enjoyable and will always leave you on the edge of your seat (Hopefully). This is one way to learn Dungeons and Dragons that is agreed among pretty much all the plays, and that is to play it or watch it be played.

The game consists of three steps on a loop:

  1. The narrator of the game or Dungeon Master (or simply DM) describes the story/environment around the players.

  2. The players decide and then describe what they wanted, or were attempting to do. This usually involved throwing around some dice.

  3. The DM refereed the success or failure of what the players attempted, and then narrated the results of the player's actions.

This continues on a loop to convey the story that the players take part in. This all sounds pretty straight forward? well in theory yes.

What you might need

Each give different advice on what you might need to start off. As the game can be pretty daunting and complex to new players, I usually recommend the Dungeons and Dragons starter set. However I'd also include the D&D player handbook as well as a copy of the Dungeon Masters Guide. You'll also need to find someone who will be Dungeon Master for your group and of course the one thing every player need, is a set of dice which can be obtained pretty cheaply online or included in the starter set.

This is just a brief guide to Dungeons and Dragons, I recommend you continue to research the game before jumping head first into buying products your not gona use. But if you have the funds available and are eager to jump in, go for it.

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