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Chasing Entrepreneurial Dream

We had a guess lecture by the name of Shaun Roberts who works as a SEO (Search engine optimisation) and digital marketing consultant. He began by explaining work and how he got to his position. He also gave us an exercise by asking us " what do you see" while presenting a box.

At first we all said a box, gradient, shadow and the usual. Then he asked what would a 2 year old see, and of course the question changed the answers. We started coming up with more creative answers such as Rocket ship, Car, Helmet or a house.

He then began to give us advice for work such as always have a good portfolio, gather testimonials from clients. He also mentioned how you should ask for help and that 80% of agencies outsource. Web design was also a topic that he covered in depth, such as the structure of a website. You also need to capture someones interest within 2 seconds to convince them to stay on the web page. He also covered plenty of marketing techniques with websites. For example the top 3 search results get 80% of the traffic. There are different ways to go about it, either through Pay per click campaigns or organic SEO.

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